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Zpurs Home wall hanger gives you a complete set of Zpurs with the addition of the Home wall hanger so that once you're back you can click your shoes back where they belong.

Zpurs is a sister product to the Neatcleats range.  It focuses on a wider range of sports and activities.  

We proudly received the Red Dot award for the Zpurs design recently.  We love the versatility of this product and sure you will too.

So how useful can a Zpurs sports shoe hanger actually be?  Well you can use them to transport your sports shoes or in fact any type of shoe.  This is because each set comes with 3 different grip sizes to allow for different shoe types.

The Zpurs Home edition uses an industrial-grade VHB self-adhesive tape.  Simply peel off the backing and stick to almost any surface, wall, wardrobe, or cupboard with the option of screwing them to the wall if required. Hang your Zpurs off them and also light coats, dog leads, or bags.  Because your shoes are hung correctly, they dry faster.

Home starts to feel organised with the addition of the Zpurs Home.  Yes, we have really thought it all through.

And just like everyone likes to choose their own footwear, each set comes in 7 different colours so you can make the choice.

We would love to see your pictures of Zpurs coming in handy all around the world.  Please post your images to Facebook or Instagram so we can see who likes Zpurs and how we can improve even more.

If you would like to ask us any questions then feel free to contact us via the online form.  Alternatively, let's chat on the Whatsapp message assistant.

 Zpurs Home makes a great gift for anyone that loves being tidy.

Zpurs Home

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