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A common replacement for even the most meticulously maintained bicycle, the not seen but often heard bottom bracket! Our great range of Token BBs in all common sizes feature patented X-seals to keep the premium bearings fresh.

The unique Token Ninja bottom bracket can adapt frames for use with alternative crank axle interfaces for upgrade flexibility. The two sides of the BB screw together reducing the chances of bearing misalignment which can cause premature wear to the bearings. Get in touch if you need help to find your size.

Token BB38624PS Bottom Bracket

מק"ט: DBB38624PS-BKTK
250.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
  • Specs:

    FRAME TYPE BB386 (ψ30mm)
    CRANK TYPE Shimano (ψ24mm)
    BEARING TYPE Premium
    COLOURS Black
    WEIGHT 99 g / set

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