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Keep riding with ultimate protection, comfort and flexibility with the Joint VPD System Knee soft knee protector that works as one with the body.


*All pads come in pairs

The POC Joint VPD System Knee is a lightweight, highly flexible protector that works with the body in all riding positions, warming to and moving as one with the body. In a fall, the material hardens, absorbing the force from any impact. The knee protector conforms to the toughest EN 1621-1 Level 2 standards and features a highly efficient ventilation system to stop the wearer overheating. The outer fabric is constructed from high-tenacity polyamide yarns creating a low friction surface with high abrasion resistance.

Choose VPD system to experience POC's most sophisticated protection that blends low friction materials with a breathable construction for comfort and extremely high impact absorbency.


POC Joint VPD System Knee

734.00 ₪מחיר
כולל מע״מ
    • Extremely flexible and light VPD knee pad
    • EN 1621-1 Level 2 certified shock absorption
    • Ventilation system constructed within each layer to optimize moisture management and comfort
    • Low friction, polyamide construction with high abrasion resistance

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