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Neatcleats Align+ cleat alignment tool has a stainless steel ruler specifically designed to accurately measure your cycling shoe position.  Each pack comes with a calibration ruler to measure the lateral and vertical positioning of the cleat. It will also adjust your heel in and heel out position. These measurements can then be used when replacing your cleats or if you want to fit the cleats onto a new pair of shoes. The Align+ cleat alignment tool positions clipless cycling cleats to your shoes with considerable accuracy.  Did you know that incorrect cycling shoe alignment can cause injury or reduce power?  Now there is something you can do about cleat alignment. These versions are perfect for traveling to events when bag space is at a premium.  They also air and dry out your shoes faster. If you are not sure what cleat type you have then check out the information here. Also just click on our FAQ page. This should make things clearer but if not, just get in touch with us via the contact form.  There is also the Whatsapp chat assistant. We have put the instructions inside your boxed item so you can always have them to hand if you need to refer to them again.  Alternatively, download them here. As they are already used by world tour teams and riders we know how quickly they become part of your cycling routine. We would love to see you using your new Neatcleats Align version so please let us know via Instagram or Facebook. We love to see you getting out and about on the road. The Align+ has a full instructional video on how to use the system. Currently, the range is available for the Shimano SPD-SL, LOOK KEO Grip, and Speedplay (Wahoo) Zero Aero.

NeatCleats Align+

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